Where Can I Find Rocks For Painting

Rock painting is a great activity that is best enjoyed in the company of your friends and family. The creative aspect of rock painting can really make your day, and while you can choose to keep your painted rock as a decoration for your home, most rock painters opt to share the joy and spread positivity by hiding the finished rock masterpieces in nature for other strangers to find and enjoy.

However, it is also just as fulfilling if you choose to do it solo. Flexing your creative muscle while working on a natural canvas (ie, rock) feels just so human, and since our earliest human ancestors were known to paint on rock and stone millions of years ago, it’s almost like tapping into an innate primal instinct that we have but sadly have not used since we’re busy with our smartphones, computers and social media.

Where Can I Find Rocks For Painting

To paint rocks, you’ll need some basic supplies, like paintbrushes, the paint you’ll use, and accessories – but the most important item on your list would probably have to be the rock. After all, how can you paint on something that’s not there?

So Where To Get Good Rocks To Paint On

If you’re planning to go into rock painting as your next creative endeavor, chances are you’re planning to stock up on some rocks so that you’ll always have a canvas on hand whenever inspiration strikes. But how do you find rocks? And where are the best places to find them?

This is a common question, and the answer is really quite simple. Here are some of the ways that you can find rocks for painting so you can focus on the most important stuff: your designs! 

Buy, source, or pick up?

There are 3 ways you can usually get rocks to paint on. Here are the three methods listed below:

Buy them

Buying rocks is certainly one of the easiest solutions, you just have to go to your local garden center or hardware store where you will surely find a variety of rocks of all shapes and sizes and rock types in the landscaping department.

Rock painting has really increased in popularity as of late, and you’ll be sure to find painted rocks of all shapes, sizes and colors as you scroll through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There you will also find many links to special online stores that specialize in rock painting and sell all accessories and of course the most important thing, rocks in all sizes and shapes which are ideal for painting.

What this means for those interested in getting into rock painting is that it’s never been easier to get your hands on some rocks – specialty rock painting craft stores have been popping up online like never before, and failing that, you can always look at sites such as Amazon to find the perfect rock that you’re looking for.

 Source them

Now if you’re a little bit hard up for cash, or don’t want to spend money stocking up on retail-priced rocks just yet, there’s another option for you. You can visit your local landscaping business and ask them if they have any spare rocks on hand that they’re willing to sell to you at a cheap price.

You can usually get some pretty great offcuts (that they’ve used in construction work) of varying shapes, sizes and textures, and the best part? You can bring an empty bucket and come home with a bucket full of rocks that you got for bargain prices. However, the biggest drawback of this method is that you’re subject to seasonal availability – so if it’s a busy period, you might find yourself knocking door to door with nothing to show for it at the end of the day!

Find them

This is the method to use if you’re not planning on spending any money at all on rocks to paint on. You can plan a trip to your nearest forest, lake, or any other natural environment, and you’re sure to find a rock or pebble that suits your next rock painting artwork.

However, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll find that perfect rock. Oftentimes, you can be trekking for hours on end and not get what you’re looking for. But then again, you’ll be spending some quality time with mother nature, so take that as a positive rather than a negative – you’ll have more time to find that perfect rock on your next trek in the great outdoors!

Find Rocks For Painting


When sourcing for rocks, you may be tempted to take rocks from private properties or business premises. We’re talking about those perfectly shaped, super smooth pebbles that often adorn the front yards or gardens of businesses as part of their decor.

If you’re planning on taking one home for your rock painting – don’t! Since it was bought with the property or business owner’s own money, taking one home is considered stealing, which is a criminal offense. Furthermore, trespassing laws are prevalent in most states in the U.S.A, so if you get caught trespassing, you’ll have a lot to explain to the police about!

Additionally, some nature parks and beaches have leave-no-trace laws as well as non-removal laws – this means taking home rocks, shells or other natural items found in the local ecosystem in large amounts may be illegal. Park rangers can enforce fines on those who flout these rules, so always check the local laws around the area you’re picking up rocks from so that you save yourself the trouble.

Looking For Rocks Is Half The Fun

Sourcing for rocks can take up a good amount of time in your rock painting activity, and rightfully so. An artist needs to work with the right tools in order to make a masterpiece, so you should always consider the best ways to find the best rocks to use in your rock painting.

Knowing what rocks you need, where to find them, and how to get them (legally!) will only serve to increase the enjoyment you’ll get out of this fulfilling activity.

Also, if you’re sharing the joy of rock painting with your close friends and family, you can turn this rock-sourcing step into an activity in and of itself, so that everyone can get involved in their tiny rock masterpiece from the beginning to the very last stroke of the brush they lay on their rock canvases.