What To Do With Painted Rocks

Painted rocks is a craft activity that has been super popular for kids of all ages (and we’re talking about the adults, too!). There is something that is so creatively satisfying about creating a colorful masterpiece on a small pebble or a rock as your canvas. It brings us back to a more primal form of human activity, where our earliest human ancestors used to make their own paint from clay or dye, and paint their cave walls with vivid imagery of their day-to-day lives.

What To Do With Painted Rocks

Today, if you have a painted rock, there are many things you can do with those rocks to implement them in your daily lives. Here are some examples of what you can do with painted rocks.

Created or found a painted rock and don’t know what to do with them? Below are some great ideas you can do with painted rocks.

Bring them home

 When you’ve found a painted rock, you’re holding a tiny masterpiece that someone has created especially to bring a smile to someone else’s face. One of the simplest things you can do is to bring that painted rock home and add it to your growing painted rock collection. 

Re-hide them

 There is a worldwide kindness movement for those who participate in rock painting, with most painted rocks containing a small message of encouragement or appreciation that is sure to make someone’s day. If you’ve found a painted rock that you’d like to bring home – you can! And if after a little while you want to spread the joy you’ve felt to other people, you can choose to re-hide your painted rock pal in a conspicuous place for someone else to find.

 Give them to someone

 A painted rock is a tiny masterpiece that has been created with love and care from the artist who made it. If you have someone special in your life – your spouse, your children, your parents or your close friends, give this little painted rock to them, and watch them smile in delight at the wonderful gift they have received from you.

what to do with painted rocks

 Display them in your home

 If you’re bringing the painted rocks that you find home, chances are you’ll want to have them displayed in a nice corner of your house. You can display the painted rocks you’ve found in a special painted rock space that you’ve set up nicely, or you can put them around the house for your visitors to see, pick up, and enjoy looking at.

 Share them online

 If you look closely, some painted rocks that you find might have hashtags on them, a Twitter or Pinterest handle, or a Facebook page name is written on them. You can use these social media outlets to share your most recent painted rock discovery and connect with the people in the rock painting community all over the world. If you’re lucky, you might even connect with the very artist who painted the rock that you’re holding – and you can show them your appreciation by dropping a thank you message to them. 

Find your local rock painting community

 Using the power of social media, you can find your local rock painting community, and get involved in the kindness movement where you become an important part of sharing encouraging messages with the members of your neighborhood, town, or city. Most of these groups regularly paint and hide rocks in public spaces all-around your local area to spread the joy and love of rock painting, and once you join this community, you’ll have first dibs on the happenings in your kindness community.

This is a fun way to make new friends and also spread some kindness as a part of your daily activities for a more fulfilling life. 

Create your own painted rocks

 When you’re holding a painted rock that you really like, you’ll probably want to try and see if you can get your creative juices flowing, and paint your very own rock masterpiece. Well – it doesn’t get any simpler than finding a rock, getting some paint and a paintbrush, and you can immediately start creating your own painted rocks! Soon you’ll be enjoying the activity of painting rocks on a regular basis.

 Spread the rock painting bug with family and friends

 After creating your own painted rocks, you can share the joy that you’ve experienced in this newfound activity by roping in your friends and family into this new creative outlet. Getting the family together for creative activity is one of the best ways to spend some quality bonding time with your nearest and dearest.

Get out and explore with your family and friends

 What better way to spend a day out in nature than to hide your rock masterpieces, and try to spot other painted rocks made by other artists? Getting some outdoor time, breathing in the fresh air, and being in the company of your family and friends make for an ideal treasure-hunting activity when you’re out hiding your own rocks and looking for painted rocks left by other people.

There is lot you can do with painted rocks

Painted rocks have been around since the dawn of time – our earliest ancestors have been painting on cave walls, stone monoliths, and tiny rocks. This is why rock painting just has that creative appeal that has delighted many people of all ages, all around the world. Our natural instinct to create and express our artistic side through rock as a medium is one that will continue to exist for many generations to come.

If you’re found a painted rock while you’re out and about, there are plenty of things you can do. Passing on the joy to other strangers is a very common thing that is done by most, however, you are more than welcome to keep the painted rocks that you love. You can also connect with your local rock painting, and rock hunting community, creating new friendships with like-minded people.