What Are The Best Rocks For Painting?

If you’re just getting into the hobby of painting rocks, you’ll want to first have the necessary supplies to make sure that you have the best experience. Thankfully, rock painting is an activity that does not require fancy equipment – all you need can be found in your local craft store or landscaping store.

What Are The Best Rocks For Painting

I think that the most beautiful rocks to paint on are found on beaches. Especially on beaches where there are a lot of limestone formations, you can find excellent rocks. Limestone is often beautifully white and not so hard on the rock so that it is beautifully polished smooth by the waves and movement of the water.

beaches are great to find rocks for painting

Best Rocks To Paint On

Want to start painting rocks but don’t know which rock to choose from? Well – we don’t blame you, since rocks are a natural formation made by mother nature herself, it can be hard to pick the best one out of all the shapes and sizes they come in. Here is a list of the rocks you should be looking out for when rock painting. 

Round rocks

Round rocks are perfectly, or almost perfectly circular all around, and are great for rock painting thanks to their large surface area. This means that you can have big designs for your tiny masterpiece, and are not limited to small-sized artworks that may not be as fulfilling as one on a larger scale.

Round rocks are also used a lot in other craftwork, and they come in many sizes.

 Flat Rocks For Painting

Flat rocks are like a little canvas for your rock painting artwork. They are not as common as other rock types though, and you might have to go out to buy them, rather than look for them in a natural setting. However, once you can get your hands on these, it usually makes it so much easier to lay them flat and paint on. 

Santorini rocks 

Santorini rocks are named after the famed Greek island, where white stone houses facing the open water glisten in the Mediterranean sunsets amidst a cool, relaxing sea breeze. And in the case of rock painting, the all-white color of Santorini rocks makes this a great canvas for those who are looking to start their rock painting masterpiece on a neutral color base. 

Mini pebbles

 Mini stones are, as the name suggests, small-sized rocks that are mostly under an inch wide. Although they’re not meant for big artworks, you can still get creative with mini stones and paint some delicate artworks on them. Once you start filing mini pebbles with colors, they can start looking really cute and the people who pick them up will definitely leave with a big smile on their face after seeing the artwork.

 Extra Smooth rocks

 Extra smooth rocks are great for those who are looking for a perfectly flat canvas to paint their artworks on. As most naturally formed rocks have uneven surfaces, extra smooth rocks are uncommon in the wild, but can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any kind of artist or artwork. They offer a lot of surface space for painters to create their work on, making it great for those who are looking to make bigger designs.

Considerations when Rock Painting

While you’re enjoying this ever so popular creative activity that has been quickly taken up by friends and family all over the world (and social media!), there are a few things to note when you’re looking for the best rocks to paint.

Don’t take rocks from private properties, or business premises. This is stealing, and in most cases, trespassing – which is a crime in almost all states! If you see a decorative rock that is clearly part of a private homeowner or business owner’s landscaping efforts, leave them right where they are, unless you want to run afoul of the law!

If you can’t find the perfect rock for your rock painting when you’re out in the wild, you can always purchase rocks to paint on Amazon or on rock painting craft online stores. These options offer a large variety of rocks in all kinds of patterns, shapes, and sizes to fit any budding rock painting enthusiast with individual painting styles.

Why Purchase Rocks?

If you plan to host rock painting parties regularly, you’re going to want to stock up on your rocks and ensure that nobody in your party leaves with nothing. Purchasing rocks, whether online or from specialty rock painting craft stores, ensures that you’ll always have a good supply of rocks on hand and you’ll never be left hanging when inspiration strikes.

Plus, you don’t need to go out trekking to find the perfect rock to paint on when you need to!


Rock painting is a seriously fun hobby that has taken the world by storm, and it is an activity that continues to grow with the power of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What this means is that there is a market for rock painting supplies now, and although there is a joy experienced in getting out there in the great outdoors, looking for your natural canvas (rock) to paint on, the convenience of having a stock of rocks available at a moment’s notice is made possible with the help of online stores and specialty rock painting stores.

So, if you want to start rock painting, be sure to choose the best rocks to paint in order to maximize your enjoyment in this fulfilling activity, whether you choose to do it alone, or with your friends and family by your side.