Rocks That I Found

Sometimes I go out of my front door and I spot a rock, I go shopping and in the parking lot of the supermarket I find a rock, every once in a while someone places a rock in my mailbox, but at least once a week I take a walk in the forest or the fields to actively look for painted rocks.

Here I want to show you what I found, or what was given to me:

Rocks found in August 2021

only one rock found today, but what a beautiful flower.

what a memorable day, came home with this treasure.


Today I had another very good day in my favorite ‘Rock forest’. Isn’t that a cute guy on the left?


Unfortunately, work did not leave me much time the last week, to go out and search for painted rocks. So far these five beautiful rocks are the only ones in August. Hope there will be more to show soon.


Rocks found in July 2021

As you can see in this photo, some of the rocks had been on the ‘road’ for a long time and were exposed to the weather. It is therefore important that the rocks are sealed and weatherproofed if they are to be laid out in nature for others to find. High-quality clear varnish (e.g. Edding) often covers better than cheap varnish from the discounter. The rock with the funny rooster’s head was already quite weathered. I thought I should freshen up the colors a bit and coat it with varnish before it goes out again.




A fellow painter of my group gave me this cute rubbish bin monster, July 10th, 2021

July 3rd: first I have found these beautiful rocks in the forest

and, coming home the night sky of the South Pacific greeted me when opening my post box


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