Rock Painting Ideas & Inspiration

Rocks are patient, and you can paint everything on rocks that you can think of. Let your artistic inspiration all freedom, go through nature with open eyes and you see endlessly many motifs that can inspire you to paint on rocks.

Here are some ideas for rock painting

1. Beach scene with Shells, Seestars, birds and Palm trees
2. Nature scene with rainbow, landscapes, weather and stars
3. Create a landscape with mountains, trees and a river
4. Paint a colorful abstract design
5. Paint a natural scene with birds, flowers, butterflies and a sun
6. Paint a flower pattern
7. Create a geometric pattern with triangles, squares and circles
8. Paint a scene from a fairy tale
9. Create a colorful mandala design
10. Paint a constellation of stars and planets

Here are some pictures of rocks that I found and some that I painted myself. Browse through the pictures if you are looking for rock painting ideas.


More soon…