Painted Rocks With Island Motifs

Since I quit my job and moved back to the Pacific Islands, my life has been full of newfound joy. I have been able to spend more time in nature, exploring the beauty of the island and taking in the fresh air. I am also able to dedicate more time to my beloved hobby of painting rocks with motifs from the South Seas.

For me, painting rocks, allows me to express my creativity, while also providing a calming and therapeutic escape.

The motifs and colors I paint onto the rocks are often inspired by the shape of the stone, the place in which I find it, and my current state of emotion. It brings me closer to the beauty of nature.

here is such an example. The rock is flat and shaped like a trigger fish. When I found it, I looked at it and turned it and then suddenly thought I have to paint a clown triggerfish on it.

Here is a real clown triggerfish, which is actually quite common on the coral reefs in the pacific.

A typical scene on a coral reef.