Mushroom Painted Rocks

Mushroom painted rocks are very popular. There is hardly a rock painter who has not yet embellished at a few stones with mushrooms. On this page, I want to show you some examples of my mushrooms. Honestly, it was so much fun to paint those.

Three mushroom rocks which I set out yesterday were found very same day from one person who posted the rocks on Facebook.

Fungi (Amanita muscaria) on Rock

This mushroom is common in forests of the northern hemisphere around the world. It’s nice to look at but you shouldn’t touch it because it’s poisonous. It’s best to take a photo of it that you can use as a template and then you can transfer the images of Amanita muscaria to a rock.

The works above are my first mushroom painted rocks that I tried my hand at.

Here is another mushroom painted rock with a nice big fly agaric painted on it. I found this rock while walking in the forest.

Here is a really funny mushroom-painted rock. The forest gnome wearing a funny dotted hat becomes one with the mushroom. Both of these rocks were given to me by a fellow painter. These are not painted with paint pens but with acrylic paint and brush.

mushroom painted rock with gnome


I painted this funny guy with Posca pens. I got inspired by a sculpture I saw in a garden center. Took a photo, then painted it on rocks.

If you walk through nature with open eyes then you can find many beautiful motifs that give you ideas of what to paint on rocks. You just have to keep your eyes open and then let your creativity run free.

When the weather is warm and humid, there is a real growth spurt for many types of mushrooms in the woods.

Picking Mushrooms

The late summer months up to September and October are considered the main season for mushrooms. Those who are familiar with edible mushrooms are drawn to the forests to collect mushrooms.

Only collect mushrooms that you know well and that you know are not poisonous!!!

This is not a mushroom guide. Visit these sites to learn more about mushrooms: