Cute Christmas Painted Rocks

I’m not a big fan of winter, but now that the Christmas season is approaching, my fingers are itching to paint all sorts of beautiful Christmas motifs on rocks again. There are so many designs you can choose from, just as it suits you.

Classic Christmas Motifs

  • Christmas tree baubles, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, stars, winter wonderland, etc…

Realy Cute Ones


The funny ones:

  • the funny Christmas tree, Rudolph the reindeer with a scarf and sunglasses, a fish (an owl, a cat a frog, snoopy with a Santa hat, just to name a few), the Grinch, …

The contemplative ones:

  •  candles, angels, fir branches (this candle rock was given to me by a fellow rock painter. He uses acrylic paint and brush)

Cute Christmas Painted Rocks

  • elves and gnomes, or what about  Santa on the beach?

For me, Christmas is a family event, where we come together, have a wonderful meal, play games, tell jokes, and are having fun. Thus, the funny motifs and cute Christmas-painted rocks are my favorite. I found an old t-shirt of mine in my closet. This gave me the template for ‘Santas little Squad’ (see top of post). Five little penguins in suitable Christmas outfits: an elf, one decorated with reindeer antlers, a Santa, a Christmas tree, and the one who brings presents.

How To Paint Christmas Rocks

All you need are your favorite rock painting supplies which you probably use for most of your painting projects. I’m a big fan of posca pens, they are just so versatile and filigree painting work can be done well with them.

Tutorial for Santa – Penguin

Here I show you how the Santa penguin is made.

You need:

  • a natural rock (mine is approx. 2.5 inches x 2 inches),
  • Posca pens in white, black (best PC-3M and PC -1M), red, brown, and light orange
  • a pencil
  • a small coin (1 or 2 cents, depending on how big your stone is)
    Step 1: Draw the motif on the stone

Step 1 – Draw the image on the rock

I started with the face. As a reference and to get a nice round head, I used a small coin and first drew it on the rock with a pencil. This also helps to keep the proportions.

For the body, I paint an arch on the right and left and connect it with a line. On the lower line, I paint three waves on the left for one foot, the same on the other side for the second foot.

Next, I draw the wings. In the middle of the head, I draw a small triangle for the beak.  The Santa Claus hat follows.

Step 2 – Paint the sketch

With the white Posca pen, I paint the face, the body, the fur trim, and the pompom of the hat,  the beak and the feet in light orange and the hat in red.

Then I paint the black plumage, a thick black outline along the face and body, including the wings. Then a thinner outline around feet and hat.

Step 3 – Details and decorations

Finally, I paint in the details: eyes, mustache, beard, belt and big red glasses.