How To Seal Painted Rocks

Whether you’re a seasoned brush-and-palette wielder or an occasional artist who puts color on stone, there is no doubt painting rocks will be an activity that you’ll enjoy. What is just as important as the right choice of paints and the proper painting of rocks are the different techniques of how to seal painted rocks … Read more

How To Get Paint Off A Rock

how to get paint off a rock

The best thing about painting rocks is that it can be done by anyone with any level of artistic experience. Whether you’re an artist with professional training or the occasional brush wielder whose claim to fame was your 5th-grade art class masterpiece, rock painting has a very low barrier to entry, and that’s what makes … Read more

What Paint To Use On Rocks?

What paint to use on rocks

Rock can have a very smooth or rough porous surface. In the latter case, priming the rock surface helps to prevent the paint from getting soaked up which would make detailed fine painting difficult. But not only a good primer is important, but the type of paint to use on rocks is just as essential … Read more