Painting On a Rock Oyster

I was absolutely convinced that I would find loads of beautiful rocks to paint on during my vacation in Croatia. But the first 4 days went by and all I found were small pebbles on an artificial beach or specimens that were much too angular and rough. Nothing to paint on. Then on the 4th … Read more

How To Seal Painted Rocks

Whether you’re a seasoned brush-and-palette wielder or an occasional artist who puts color on stone, there is no doubt painting rocks will be an activity that you’ll enjoy. What is just as important as the right choice of paints and the proper painting of rocks are the different techniques of how to seal painted rocks … Read more

How To Get Paint Off A Rock

how to get paint off a rock

The best thing about painting rocks is that it can be done by anyone with any level of artistic experience. Whether you’re an artist with professional training or the occasional brush wielder whose claim to fame was your 5th-grade art class masterpiece, rock painting has a very low barrier to entry, and that’s what makes … Read more

Where To Hide Painted Rocks

If you’ve been out and about somewhere, and are lucky enough to find a little painted rock hiding in plain view, congratulations! You’re now officially a member of the biggest artistic craze that the world has seen in recent years – painted rocks! What started as a for-fun project created by one person has now … Read more

What Are The Best Rocks For Painting?

If you’re just getting into the hobby of painting rocks, you’ll want to first have the necessary supplies to make sure that you have the best experience. Thankfully, rock painting is an activity that does not require fancy equipment – all you need can be found in your local craft store or landscaping store. What … Read more

Where Can I Find Rocks For Painting

Find Rocks For Painting

Rock painting is a great activity that is best enjoyed in the company of your friends and family. The creative aspect of rock painting can really make your day, and while you can choose to keep your painted rock as a decoration for your home, most rock painters opt to share the joy and spread … Read more

What To Paint On A Rock?

What To Paint On Rocks?

After I found my first painted rock and decided to try this art myself I asked myself: ‘What to paint on a rock?’ Well If you ask yourself this question and search for: ‘What to paint on a rock?’ on Google you will find countless ideas. Easy ones like hearts, smileys, fish or beetles, more … Read more

What Paint To Use On Rocks?

What paint to use on rocks

Rock can have a very smooth or rough porous surface. In the latter case, priming the rock surface helps to prevent the paint from getting soaked up which would make detailed fine painting difficult. But not only a good primer is important, but the type of paint to use on rocks is just as essential … Read more

Paintbrush Versus Paint Pens

If you’re new to rock painting, chances are you’re probably wondering whether to use a paintbrush versus paint pens and what the best tools are to use for your new creative activity. Rock painting is a great craft project that you can do together with your friends and family, or even just on your own … Read more

How To Prepare Rocks For Painting

Painting rocks is a great hobby that has taken the world by storm. It’s a hobby that requires a bit of creativity and fantasy. To do this, of course, you need painting utensils and suitable stones that you can prepare for painting with a few tricks. How To Prepare Rocks For Painting If you’re planning … Read more