The Art Box Cube Award

It all started on April 30, 2021 with the WhatsApp message: ‘Could you design 2 rocks for me with the motif: Om mani padme hum?’ The condition was that the lettering had to be in Sanskrit, the rest of the design was left to me. The Challenge I was very surprised to receive this message … Read more

Rock Painting FAQ’s

If you’ve just gone into the activity of rock painting, or if you’re planning to start, chances are you have lots of questions that you want to know about the hobby, such as what materials to use, where to do it, and how to go about doing it. One of the best things about rock … Read more

Why Did Cavemen Paint?

If there’s one thing that our prehistoric ancestors have done that has stood the test of time, it is the paintings that they left behind in their cave dwellings and on natural rock faces all over the world, that are still visible today. The most popular painted caves found in places like southern France (Lascaux, … Read more

Painting Rocks Vs. Rock Art

Rock painting has become hugely popular in the last couple of years. If you’ve ever walked along a public area and seen a painted rock with colorful designs on the floor, chances are you’ve probably picked one up and cracked a smile at the whimsical, cute, and inspiring designs that often adorn these tiny rock … Read more

Is Hiding Painted Rocks Illegal?

hiding painted rocks illegal 

Painted rocks are miniature art pieces that are created by those who wish to share the joy of creating a tiny masterpiece that you can hold in your hands, and that use an item found abundantly in nature as a canvas. If you’re out and about in public, chances are you might have probably come … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Rock And A Stone

difference between rock and stone

Rock painting is a super enjoyable creative activity that is just as fulfilling when done alone, or together in a group. The kind of results that you can get from rock painting can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to, which means that beginners and experienced artists alike can enjoy the … Read more

What To Do With Painted Rocks

what to do with painted rocks 

Painted rocks is a craft activity that has been super popular for kids of all ages (and we’re talking about the adults, too!). There is something that is so creatively satisfying about creating a colorful masterpiece on a small pebble or a rock as your canvas. It brings us back to a more primal form … Read more

Why Painting Rocks Is Bad For The Environment?

why painting rocks is bad

When it comes to rock painting and hiding, environmental aspects should be considered. On the one hand, the paints and materials used could be bad for the environment, on the other hand, it may not be a pretty sight if you are looking forward to a hike in beautiful nature or a park and you … Read more

What Are Rock Paintings

what are rock paintings

If you’ve been hooked on rock painting lately, we don’t blame you! This fun, creative activity has skyrocketed in popularity in just a short time thanks to the power of social media and the internet, and continues to become a fulfilling way to work your creative muscles by painting whatever you feel inspired by on … Read more

Why Do People Paint Rocks?

From the rock art paintings of our earliest human ancestors to the more modern activity of rock-hiding found today, it’s safe to say that putting paint on stone is an activity that has stood the test of time. But what is it that makes people want to paint rocks? Is it to share their culture … Read more