About Me

beaches are great to find rocks for paintingThis is my story of how I got into rock painting, a hobby that I can no longer imagine without. A pastime that lets me wind down from everyday work, that brings me to rest. Since I’ve been painting stones, I’ve been spending a lot more time wandering through forests and fields, whether it’s to hide my painted stones, to find painted stones from other rock painters, or to look for rocks that are suitable for painting. And ever so often you meet other stone painters with whom you can have nice conversations, exchange stones, or exchange experiences.

that is why I got into rock painting

So here is how I became a Rock Painter. On May 10th, 2020 my husband, and I decided to take a long walk through the forest nearby, to enjoy the fresh growth of spring. Passing a bench, my eyes spotted something bluish, which was clearly not part of this wooden resting place. Coming closer I realized, it was a rock, painted blue and with many colorful hearts on it. I loved this rock immediately. Although I felt a bit awkward, I picked it up and let it disappear in my pocket. When I got home I took a closer look at the little work of art. The entire stone was covered with a layer of protective varnish. I still had no clue of what it was all about. Consulting Mr. Google, and found heaps of write-ups and photos about Rock Painting. Next, I registered with the Facebook group indicated on the inscription on the back of the stone and was accepted directly into this group. Here I found all information I needed to understand the goal behind the hidden painted rocks.

What is Rock Painting about?

The idea behind painted rocks:

You paint stones, post a photo of the finished works of art in the Facebook group, label them on the back with a reference to this Facebook group and place these stones somewhere in the village, in the forest, in fields, etc. The finder is happy and posts a photo of his find in the FB group. He can keep the stone or hide it in another place.

This beautiful idea, which is now widespread in many cities and regions, puts a smile on many people’s faces. For many people of all ages, the colored stones were a ray of hope at a time when a virus turned our usual lives upside down.

How to paint rocks?

There are no limits to creativity and creativity. Try everything and experiment so you will soon develop your own style. Try different paints on the rocks in different colors.

There are no limits to creativity and creativity. Try everything and experiment so you will soon develop your own style. Try different paints on the rocks in different colors. I’ve tried all kinds of possibilities – pens, brushes, spray, even an airbrush, but now my preferred painting tools are acrylic paints pens.

It is important that the stones are first thoroughly cleaned of dirt. After painting and drying, the stone must be sealed with one or more layers of clear varnish so that the work of art is weatherproof and the paint is not washed out by rain.

What can you paint on rocks?

The imagination knows no limits. You don’t have to be Picasso or Van Gogh. Perhaps you have a particular preference for a motif, some like flowers, others frogs. (I know a lady who has so far turned/painted 1000 stones into funny frogs). Maybe an event is just around the corner, e.g. Christmas, then you can paint the stone with Christmas motifs. Some stone groups suggest a different topic each week, e.g. “Modern Art”. And if that’s not enough, you can find countless ideas on Pinterest.

Personally, I have no preference for a particular motif or style. For a while, I painted funny colorful beetles that went down well everywhere, which earned me the nickname ‘Beetle Mama’. As cute as the bugs were, at some point I had enough and I wanted to try something different again. I also get inspiration from Pinterest, e.g. I wanted to paint a garden gnome. I found a model on Pinterest, which I then implemented on stone. I have also used vector graphics as templates for my painting on stone.

What should be considered when painting and hiding the stones?

– The stones should not be covered with stickers or the like so that neither animals nor the environment could be harmed.
– Rocks should not be hidden where dogs could pee on them.
– Do not put rocks on cars, it could damage the paintwork
– If you want to join a group, look on FB to find out where a group has been founded in your area and read through the rules of the group. Of course, you don’t have to join a group, you can also hide the stones and delight other people with your work of art. Nevertheless, the artist is of course also happy when he knows that his rock has been found, photographed, and posted, that he made someone happy, and then thanked him.

So far I have painted more than 500 Rocks, all kinds of sizes, styles, and motives. I took part in a Rock painting competition. Out of about 50 presented Rocks, I achieved 5th place with my rock. At the moment I am auctioning this stone, the proceeds will go to an animal and nature conservation organization in Poland. After only two days, the bid is already at € 25. I wouldn’t have thought that, but I’m really happy about it. In other posts that I will probably publish more or less regularly, I want to show you my rocks, give you tips and ideas, tell you about techniques, or talk about events. I hope some of the blogs will also put a smile on your face, just as I smile when I find a painted rock.